Stride total body is an all in one signature workout that includes a dynamic warm up, cardio treadmill routines & strength training utilising the fire trainer, free weights, kettle bells, power balls and other equipment. Stride total body is rounded off with core conditioning & dynamic yoga exercises to give you a complete euphoric workout experience. Warning: this workout contains high levels of fun, energy, motivation and perspiration.


STRIKE is where fight club meets night club. Strikers will experience a dynamic blend of old school boxing and martial arts movement, drilled and skilled in a high energy, high intensity group atmosphere. STRIKE takes all of the tried and true fitness training techniques that shred and cut your physique without the macho kill or be killed attitude. Strikers are empowered, energized and fired up by our rockstar trainers who put more power in every punch.


A high intensity spinning class set to the hottest music. Take a journey of fun, freedom and fitness as you smash through 30 minutes of extreme terrain, climbing, sprinting and screaming to the finish line. Every RIDE experience incorporates 15 minutes of funtional training with movements that will upgrade your upper body, core and legs - leaving no muscles untouched. Soulful yoga moves complete each class bringing balance, relief and rejuvenation - everything you need in one workout!


The sublime combo, that burns massive calories yet leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day. FIRE’s innovative ying & yang workout gives you 30 mins of high intensity cycling, and our signature FIRE Yoga combines power, strength, and flow.


FORCE is a transformational strength program designed to rip away body fat and reshape your physique. This H.I.T. program combines powerful upper & lower body exercises utilising barbells, dumbbells and body weight. FORCE is completed with dynamic yoga stretches to deliver a workout experience like no other. Warning: completing several FORCE classes will make you stronger.


Whether you'd like to have your child spend more time away from the TV or build their fitness for their chosen sport, our KIDS ON FIRE Trainers are committed to providing a safe and FUN fitness-training environment. The SPARKS program follows a special kid friendly format, which focuses on fun, interaction and safety.